Lawn Care in Anaheim

Lawnscape Systems has been providing professional customized lawn care in Anaheim for 43 years. We’re familiar with the challenges of maintaining healthy turf in local conditions. California lawnWe also know that no two lawns are exactly alike, which is why we offer highly customized comprehensive lawn care in Anaheim.

We have multiple lawn care plans for you to choose from, but you can always count on:

  • A free detailed lawn analysis.
  • Treatments designed to meet your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Earth-friendly, EPA-approved products.
  • Professional and friendly licensed technicians.
  • Focus on a lush healthy lawn all year long.

We’ll communicate with you to create a lawn care regimen that makes the most sense for your lawn and your budget. When you trust Lawnscape Systems with your lawn, we’ll keep it looking vibrant so that you can rest easy and enjoy the results.

Lawn Fertilization in Anaheim

At Lawnscape Systems, our signature lawn care programs include complete fertilization including iron and micronutrients. We’ll keep your lawn well-nourished year round so that your turf can grow greener and healthier.

Our fertilizer blends are balanced to address your lawn’s unique needs, such as nutrients it may be lacking. Instead of worrying about choosing between fertilizers, you can count on Lawnscape Systems to choose the best type and blend of fertilizer for your yard.

If you’re looking to fertilize flower beds or non-turf areas, we also offer groundcover services to care for those plants that add a personal touch to your lawn.

Lawn Aeration in Anaheim

Aeration is a really significant part of lawn care in Anaheim. lawn aeration plugsThe process relieves compacted soil by pulling plugs from your lawn to create growth pockets for new seed. These new pockets also help root systems access the air and water that they need. 

Annual lawn aeration in Anaheim provides several benefits, including:

  • Thicker, fuller grass.
  • Breakdown of yellow dry thatch.
  • Relieving compaction pressure.
  • Reducing water pooling and runoff.
  • Increased resistance to grass disease.

Our core aeration service is designed to penetrate hard California clay so that your turf has the space it needs to better absorb all the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. The results of aeration are visible and tangible as grass grows thicker and healthier than before within weeks after service.

Weed Control in Anaheim

Weeds aren’t just unattractive. They also absorb water and nutrients to compete with your grass and plants. It’s tempting to pull weeds yourself, but that quickly becomes a task that gets put off time and time again, especially in the California heat.

At Lawnscape Systems, our weed control services take care of seasonal invaders so that you can spare yourself the trouble of pulling up weeds time and again. Our weed control services in Anaheim include:

  • Broadleaf Control.
  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass treatments.
  • Nutsedge.
  • Invading grass controls for Bermuda, Kikuyu, and Poa Annua.
  • Large-scale weed abatement for areas like fenceways and parking.

Professional & Personalized Results

At Lawnscape Systems, we pride ourselves on connecting with customers to craft lawn care plans that work for them. When you trust us with your lawn, you’re counting on over 40 years of experience of local expertise. Contact Lawnscape today to schedule your free lawn analysis and kick-start your journey to a vibrant, healthy yard.