"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world itself."

Henry Miller


Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control, and Aeration

Each customer has unique needs and Lawnscape Systems takes the time to get to know each one as an individual. Once we  find a better understanding of your needs, we can confidently recommend one of our two extensive lawn care programs:


12 applications

Weed Control
Insect and Disease Control
Invading Grass Control
Weed & Feed

6 applications

Broad Leaf Weed Control


Weed Abatement and Pest Control

Lawnscape Systems wants your lawn to be an oasis, free of weeds and pests so that not only looks great but feels comfortable and inviting. We offer the following:

  • Weed Abatement: To keep weeds at bay, our team uses a combination of herbicides and soil sterilants to control weeds on a wider scale.
  • Perimeter Pest Control: Our team applies a monthly application of our perimeter pest control to combat insects that want to make your home theirs as well.
  • Disease and Insect Control: If fungal disease or damaging lawn insects are detected, we create a plan to stop them and prevent further damage.

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Our Core Values

Lawnscape knows what it takes to have a healthy, green, and luscious lawn. With over 40 years of experience in Southern California, we’ve seen it all! From the hard-to-treat invading grasses to pesky grubs we have an experienced team that will work together with you to create a plan for your lawn needs.

We’ve been around since early 1979 and our roots have always been in Southern California. We are a home-grown company and we are proud to be serving the community that we’re in. We began in Los Angeles and have since developed our business to span north, south, and east of LA.

Lawnscape Systems is known for taking great care of your lawn so that it is as healthy and as beautiful as you have always dreamed of. We always give our customers the best there is to offer. This goes for our service, our products, and our commitment to making your lawn the best on the block.

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With 2021 being one of the driest years on record for the American Southwest, learning to landscape with drought-resistant plants is beneficial for us all. Lawnscape Systems is here to help you understand those benefits as well as what plants to use. We can also help you with all your lawn care needs including fertilization, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

Does Commercial Lawn Care Services Make Sense for Your Property?

September 20, 2021
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