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Fall in Southern California can sometimes be lacking without the typical fall foliage that many other regions are used to. However, it doesn’t mean that your yard or your home has to be lacking with the fall decorations. For more information on professional lawncare in Los Angeles, contact the experts at Lawnscape today to ensure the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

Below are some ideas for ways to decorate for the fall.

Roll in with Fall Colors

Regardless of how you choose to decorate for the Fall, you can never go wrong with Fall-like colors. This can range anywhere from red, orange, yellow, brown, tan, white, and gold. A great way to bring in some fall colors into the yard is with a wooden wagon, painted red. You can then use the wagon to hold plants with Autumn-themed colors (such as daisies, geraniums, and even chili peppers).

Eat Your Veggies!

Another great way to decorate for the fall is to add props, such as dried corn (particularly Indian Corn, which has added color and flare). From the leaves to the colors on the corn, this is a neat idea for adding another dimension to your Fall décor.


A great way to decorate your yard or your porch is by filling up large lanterns with Fall decorations. You can fill the lanterns with mini pumpkins (some which you may wish to paint if you wish to add some additional colors or flare), faux leaves, or pinecones. These also make for great decorations around the house, such as on the mantel or as a centerpiece in the dining room.

Get Creative with Burlap

Some brown burlap makes for a great way to decorate for the Fall. From creating a banner to use above the doorway to adding some personality to your planters, burlap is the perfect addition to any Fall décor.

Have a Seat!

If you don’t already have a bench or some kind of outdoor seating in your yard, a great way to add some Fall decoration to your home is by adding some seating. You can also add a splash of color to your porch by painting a wooden or metal bench a bright hue, such as yellow or red. Otherwise, a brown wooden bench is perfect for adding color and Fall décor with pillows, blankets, and plants

It’s Never too Early for a Wreath

Wreaths are commonly associated with Christmas and winter decorations; however, wreaths of all kinds for all seasons and holidays have become very popular. A great way to decorate your home is by adding a wreath to the front door. This can be a homemade DIY wreath made with Fall-like decorations, such as autumn leaves, corn, acorns, pinecones, and even Halloween-like decorations.

Be You

One important thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to decorating your yard and home is that it should still reflect you, your personality, and who you are. If you are not a fan of Fall-like colors or decorations, then feel free to do something untraditional—whatever that may be! You may also prefer to have a clean, clutter-free appearance in your yard or on your porch and prefer to keep it decoration-free. That’s totally fine too!

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