Yard Cleaning Checklist


Whether fall or spring, cleaning up your yard must be a priority, or a mess of gigantic proportions can become your reality. Even if you have what can be considered a low-maintenance yard, you still need to cover the basics like watering, cleaning and preventing disease. The best way to make sure you cover all your yard cleaning basics is to develop a checklist and follow it diligently. Read on to see what you should include on your checklist to keep your yard looking great year-round.

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Weed prevention is key to keeping your yard in good shape. If you currently are dealing with a weed problem, you need to remove the weed by its root to ensure that you get rid of it completely. Lawn experts caution the use of herbicides because while they do kill the weed, they can also kill plants in close proximity.

To prevent weeds from becoming a problem in the first place, use about an inch think layer of mulch to keep those planting beds clear. Grass that is thick and healthy can usually choke out any weeds so make sure your lawn is healthy and strong.


There are a few keys to keeping your lawn healthy and strong. First, make sure you don’t cut your grass too short. Longer grass not only looks healthier, but it does a better job of retaining water. There are mowers on the market that include a mulching option that not only cuts the grass into tiny pieces, but also puts it back into the lawn. This adds those all-important nutrients back into the soil and reduces your need for fertilizer.

Battling the Insects

Insect control is also extremely important in keeping your yard healthy and beautiful. Different plants attract different types of insects, some are harmful, and some are not. While chemicals are always an option, lawn care experts advise using caution and instead recommend using natural chemicals to fight insects. One example is to use a shallow plate of beer in your garden to get rid of slugs. Some garden centers will also sell ladybugs and other insects that help eliminate worms and other harmful bugs.

Planting Beds

There are plants that are extremely low maintenance and others that require near constant attention and care. It’s important that you check the health and condition of your plants each spring to see what needs to be replaced and what might need just a little tender loving care to get it back to health.

Keeping your planting beds covered with organic mulch can help the soil to retain moisture and keep the weeds away. In the winter after you have had your first hard freeze, you should cut the plants branches back and cover them with mulch. Flowers often come back to life more readily if you pull off the old blooms as this encourages new growth.

Leaves and Fertilizer

Leaves can prevent light from reaching your lawn so make sure you remove all the leaves from your grass. Especially in the spring, make sure you rake up all the leaves and dead branches that have accumulated over the winter months. It all depends on what climate you live in, but you should consider fertilizing your lawn and planting beds two to five times per season.

Professional Lawn Care in Los Angeles

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