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Fall in Southern California can sometimes be lacking without the typical fall foliage that many other regions are used to. However, it doesn’t mean that your yard or your home has to be lacking with the fall decorations. For more information on professional lawncare in Los Angeles, contact the experts at Lawnscape today to ensure the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

Below are some ideas for ways to decorate for the fall.

Roll in with Fall Colors

Regardless of how you choose to decorate for the Fall, you can never go wrong with Fall-like colors. This can range anywhere from red, orange, yellow, brown, tan, white, and gold. A great way to bring in some fall colors into the yard is with a wooden wagon, painted red. You can then use the wagon to hold plants with Autumn-themed colors (such as daisies, geraniums, and even chili peppers).

Eat Your Veggies!

Another great way to decorate for the fall is to add props, such as dried corn (particularly Indian Corn, which has added color and flare). From the leaves to the colors on the corn, this is a neat idea for adding another dimension to your Fall décor.


A great way to decorate your yard or your porch is by filling up large lanterns with Fall decorations. You can fill the lanterns with mini pumpkins (some which you may wish to paint if you wish to add some additional colors or flare), faux leaves, or pinecones. These also make for great decorations around the house, such as on the mantel or as a centerpiece in the dining room.

Get Creative with Burlap

Some brown burlap makes for a great way to decorate for the Fall. From creating a banner to use above the doorway to adding some personality to your planters, burlap is the perfect addition to any Fall décor.

Have a Seat!

If you don’t already have a bench or some kind of outdoor seating in your yard, a great way to add some Fall decoration to your home is by adding some seating. You can also add a splash of color to your porch by painting a wooden or metal bench a bright hue, such as yellow or red. Otherwise, a brown wooden bench is perfect for adding color and Fall décor with pillows, blankets, and plants

It’s Never too Early for a Wreath

Wreaths are commonly associated with Christmas and winter decorations; however, wreaths of all kinds for all seasons and holidays have become very popular. A great way to decorate your home is by adding a wreath to the front door. This can be a homemade DIY wreath made with Fall-like decorations, such as autumn leaves, corn, acorns, pinecones, and even Halloween-like decorations.

Be You

One important thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to decorating your yard and home is that it should still reflect you, your personality, and who you are. If you are not a fan of Fall-like colors or decorations, then feel free to do something untraditional—whatever that may be! You may also prefer to have a clean, clutter-free appearance in your yard or on your porch and prefer to keep it decoration-free. That’s totally fine too!

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Best Ideas for Lawn and Garden Edging


If you enjoy spending time in your yard, one of the often overlooked touches to many gardens and landscapes is edging.  Edging is used to create clean, defined lines between flower beds and other areas.  While it is most notably used between the lawn and adjoining flower or vegetable garden, it can also be used with flowers or shrubs to separate or divide a patio area and the surrounding landscape.If you enjoy spending time in your yard, one of the often overlooked touches to many gardens and landscapes is edging.  Edging is used to create clean, defined lines between flower beds and other areas.  While it is most notably used between the lawn and adjoining flower or vegetable garden, it can also be used with flowers or shrubs to separate or divide a patio area and the surrounding landscape.

For professional lawn service in Orange County, make sure to enlist the experts at Lawnscape for everything you need for a healthy yard.

As noted, lawn and garden edging is the most common edging done in landscaping.  However, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to lawn and garden edging. Below are just some of the best ideas to help you in choosing which lawn and garden edging to consider.

Brick or Concrete Edging

A very common, simple and inexpensive lawn and garden edging option is to lay brick or concrete down between the lawn and the garden.  For bricks, because they are already pre-shaped, you have the choice to lay bricks down in many different ways.

• Arrange a pattern of them, laying side by side with the shorter end of the brick parallel to the lawn and garden.
• Turn the bricks and have the longer side parallel.
• Lay bricks down like a brick road.
• Utilize red, grey, terra cotta, or an array of colors of bricks.
• You can also purchase pre-designed scalloped brick edging for a textured look.

For either concrete or brick edging, you can make a slim or wider edging depending on the look or feel you want to give to your garden.  One advantage of having a wider concrete or brick edge is that when you cut your lawn, you can better keep lawn clippings out of your garden and it’s a bit easier for cleanup, as well.

Raised-Bed Edging

Another option for lawn and garden edging is to use materials to use an edging that creates a raised bed out of the garden. This is a great way to add some texture and dimension to the landscape, that might otherwise be flat and one-dimensional. It can also be a way to create a seating area, depending on the materials that you choose to use. For the raised-bed edging design, there are a number of different materials that can be used to edge a raised bed, including brick and concrete. Other materials include railway sleepers, wood planks, vertical logs, patio bricks, and large stones. The important part with this type of edging is to make sure that you build the edging deep enough and sturdy enough to support the weight of the soil and plants inside your garden area.

Short and Simple Edging

If all you want is to add some edging to create a divide between your lawn and your garden, you can do so with simple edging made from wood, plastic, or metal. Any local hardware store will have simple edging of all kinds to choose from. The important tip for choosing any kind of metal edging is to make sure to choose a material, like aluminum, so that it won’t rust or wear away with moisture or weather.

Edging between your lawn and garden doesn’t have to be expensive, elaborate or labor-intensive. But, like most things in life, it all really depends on what type of garden you have and what purpose you want the edging to serve in your yard.

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Making Your Lawn Truly Dog-Friendly


Your lawn is a source of enjoyment for both you and your dog, but transforming it into the most dog-friendly space possible is another matter altogether. For those who love their dogs and spend hours outdoors with them, it is important to create a lawn that’s both dog-friendly and healthy. Here are some simple lawn care tips to keep your lawn truly dog-friendly for your four-legged friends.

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

The first thing Lawnscape suggests is do to make your lawn more dog-friendly is to get rid of any fleas or ticks that are lingering in your yard. During the summer or if you live in a warmer climate, ticks and fleas are more likely to make an appearance on your lawn. To get rid of these pests, avoid overwatering, trim your lawn regularly, clear piles of lumber or stone, and clean your dog’s play area. Treat them with any preventive medications before allowing them to play on the lawn.

Avoid Using Certain Chemicals

If you’re worried about lawn burn from your dog’s urine, then it’s important to water right after your dog has gone to the bathroom as this will help you alleviate lawn burn issues while maintaining a pleasant environment for them.

Avoid using any lawn chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizer as they may irritate your dog’s coat or worse; cause an adverse health reaction. If you are doing a lawn treatment, prevent your dog from playing around in the yard until sufficient time has passed and the treatment is over. You can also utilize more dog-friendly lawn treatments to ensure they do not encounter any issues.

Dog Toys and Play Areas

Once your lawn is properly prepped for your dog(s), it’s time to designate a play area for them. Ensure that they have enough space to run around and play in. This will mostly depend on the dog’s size and breed as activity levels, and habits.

When a space has been chosen, clear the area, secure any fencing as needed, and make sure it’s clean and well maintained. Add any dog toys or bones. Include any play areas if your dog is high energy and enjoys obstacles. Larger dogs will require more space and may enjoy obstacle areas where they can bound, jump, and train. Smaller dogs may benefit from smaller training equipment, especially if they participate in dog shows or are well trained. These can also be greatly beneficial for a dog’s mental and physical health. Plus, they’re a great way to bond with them!


After creating an idyllic space for your dog(s), you will need to maintain it. This includes trimming the lawn to keep out unwanted pests. Doing periodic lawn trimming and preventive medication should help keep your dog happy and healthy. Other ideas for maintenance include patching any holes in fencing, filling any holes with dirt to prevent your dog from getting out, and replacing broken toys or equipment to ensure they do not injure themselves while at play. Ultimately, a dog-friendly space should be a fun, safe one and it’s up to you to keep it that way. To help make your lawn the perfect dog-friendly space and for a professional lawn service in Los Angeles, contact Lawnscape Systems for help today.

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Spookiest Lawn Decorations for Halloween


Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year! People dress up for parties, children go door-to-door in creative costumes, and millions decorate their homes and lawns in all manner of scary Halloween decor. Decorating the front of your home with the creepiest lawn decorations ensures you’ll be an eye-catching attraction on your street. Plus, it’s a ton of fun to truly get in the spirit of the season. When you done whipping your yard into shape with our lawn care services, here are some fun ideas for spooky lawn decor to help get you started.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Here at Lawnscape, we know there are a million ways to decorate your lawn with ghouls and ghosts, but don’t be afraid to get creative this year! You can create them with trash bags, soft fabric and balloons, chicken wire, or pick up some store-bought varieties to set out on the lawn. Pinterest and YouTube have so many great DIY tutorials if you are looking to create each piece yourself. Consider adding your own ghost costume as a part of the scenery so you can jump out at passersby and scare trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires

For those with a love for classic horror, decorate your lawn with a plethora of witches, werewolves, and vampires. Add in tombstones, cauldrons, and brooms to properly set the stage. Gain inspiration from one of many classic horror films such as Nosferatu, Werewolf in London, or Dracula. Otherwise, draw inspiration from more modern favorites like Hocus Pocus, Penny Dreadful, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and From Dusk to Dawn.

Zombie Invasion

Zombies are one of the most popular monsters to dress up as on Halloween. There are so many varieties to choose from. You can hang simple vinyls or silhouettes in your windows and design your lawn to look like a medical facility infested with radioactive zombies. If you’re more Romero zombies than Walking Dead zombies, then consider decorating your lawn to look like a cemetery with decaying zombie hands crawling out of graves, creepy dancing zombie dolls, and play moaning zombie sounds. It’s easy enough to find CD’s with spooky sound effects at your local Halloween store, but you can easily create these noises using instructional tutorials online. Make things bloody and gory or more kid-friendly; the sky is the limit!

Murder She Wrote

If gore if your thing, recreate a horrifying murder scene on your lawn by scattering bloody body parts and fake murder weapons on your lawn. Decorate your lawn with caution tape and a body outline. Dress up as a corpse and place yourself in the scene to scare onlookers. Put a fake decapitated head in a clear jar with some blood. Hang some fake bloody hands on a string and dangle it from a tree in your front yard. Mold dead bodies using trash bags, duct tape, blood, and some rope, then hang them from a tree for effect.

Creepy Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween so why not have some fun decorating with them? Create puking pumpkins, skeleton pumpkins, the infamous pumpkin king, or carve scary faces into them. Add in some creepy glowing eyes or bugs and rodents like mice and spiders. Create a scary jack-o-lantern eating a fake dead body. A quick search online will help get you inspired for this fun, sometimes frightening, holiday.

To get your lawn in tip top shape this Halloween and for more tips on lawn care service in southern California, contact the experts at Lawnscape today.

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Creative Ideas for Shade in the Backyard


With summer right around the corner, we will definitely be spending more time outdoors. Your backyard is fair game for get-togethers, barbecues, pool parties and relaxing with your family. However, nothing ruins the outdoors quite like too much sun, so having shade in the backyard is a must.

If you don’t already have shade in your backyard, it’s easy to shield areas from the sun. Creating shade in your backyard can completely change the look and feel of your yard, and make it a better place to entertain guests and spend your time. Consider these creative ways to add shade in the backyard.

Fabric and Tarps

By draping fabric or tarps you can create a restful, aesthetically pleasing space. Depending on what type of structures you have in place already in your backyard, you will have to get creative with how you drape the fabric. If you have a pergola or slatted ceiling, for example, it could be as simple as laying a tarp across the structure. If you have a deck, you can anchor the fabric to the deck railings to create a canopy. Make sure you choose a fade resistant and water resistant fabric or tarp specifically made for the outdoors.


Perhaps the easiest way to create shade, a patio umbrella can make a great addition to your yard. They are available at most hardware and home decor stores, and you can match them to patio furniture to help keep dining outdoors cooler and more enjoyable. Drinks and appetizers in your backyard never sounded better!

Umbrellas are also mobile, meaning that they can move with you wherever you go. Whether you’re hanging out by the pool or tending to your backyard garden, an umbrella has you covered.


A pergola is another great way to help create shade in the backyyard. It can help filter out sunlight and provide an architectural point of interest in your yard. There a ton of options depending on your style and budget and are available at most home décor stores. There are even DIY tutorials so that you can make your own.

Since a pergola doesn’t provide a completely shaded area, you can always use a tarp or fabric draped across the top to completely cover your space, as mentioned above. A pergola gives you more freedom when it comes to creating shade, allowing partial sun to warm you up on cooler days and the option to create total shade to cool you down on warmer days.

Natural Shade

This vine has a mythical look that can make a beautiful addition to your backyard. You can train the vine to grow and cover a free standing structure or a pergola to create an oasis of shade. Wisteria is a high climbing vine that droops in clusters of lilac flowers. It blooms in the spring, but the vines and leaves can provide shade year-round. It needs to be planted in fertile soil with full access to sunlight and can be trained to grow along a structure. Because wisteria can grow quickly, it is best to plant it in an area without other plants as it may overtake their area.

Trees are another great source of shade for your backyard. They are naturally cooling, and can provide a nice focal point if your yard is bare. You should choose a fast-growing tree that is suited for your area. Since trees can last a long time, you want to make sure you choose the right kind for your climate and one that fits your style. Rather than just going to a nursery to pick out a tree on the spot, take some time and research different kinds of trees that will do well in your yard.

Lawnscape has been serving Southern California since 1979. We service turf and ground cover areas, caring for both professionals and homeowners alike. Our fertilization, weed, insect and disease control services will ensure that the grass will always be greener on your lawn.


Best Landscaping Ideas for a Small Yard


There are all sorts of conflicting information about how you can make your small lawn look bigger. However, one thing is for sure: what’s most important is that you can enjoy your yard as much as possible. Fortunately, you can make your lawn a hospitable retreat while at the same time creating the illusion of a larger space by creating a destination and focal point in your landscaping. Not sure where to start? Here is some of the best landscaping for small backyards to inspire you.

Channel the Coast

Even if you don’t have an expansive seaside estate, you can incorporate elements of the sea into your landscaping. Tall sea grasses such as sedge not only have a coastal feel, when they blow in the wind they create an almost wave-like texture. Boardwalk paths and a fire pit reminiscent of oceanside bonfires add to the beachy feel. Add in some low maintenance, low water plants, like succulents and palm varieties, around your grass to provide variation in color and texture, and one or more water or sand features to round out your coastal getaway. This is just one of many ways landscaping for small backyards can act as a way to transport you to a different location.

Oasis for Edibles

Landscaping for small backyards can act as an outdoor dining room while also providing a space to foster edible plants. Place an outdoor dining set in your yard, but keep proportion in mind. You don’t want a table that is so large that it will overwhelm the space. Whether it’s a full dining table or a breakfast table, make sure your table is the right size for your yard. Built in or extendable tables are a great way to get extra space with minimal use of space. You can also install a fold-down, murphy bar or build a bar out of cinder blocks for a space efficient drink serving station. For variety in vegetation, herbs planted in tiered planters and vertical wall gardens can maximize space without giving up precious turf space, and draw the eye up, creating the illusion of a larger lawn. Tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, and figs are larger, but still space efficient edible options, which thrive in the Los Angeles climate.

Relaxing Retreat

Landscaping for small backyards can transform any space into a relaxing oasis. Outdoor beds, hammocks, loungers, and other seating and reclining options can provide a place to stretch out, while canopies or trees can create shade overhead. Outdoor grade throw pillows and blankets can provide an extra dimension of coziness. Don’t forget citronella candles and lamps to get bugs at bay and give off light for night time relaxation. Electrical string lights can top of your lighting needs while also adding to the cozy mood. Finally, border your lawn with tall vegetation, vertical planters, or decorative fencing to block out any unsightly views and close in the soothing and comfortable ambiance that you’ve created.

Warm Welcome

Take advantage of small front lawns by using them to create a beautiful and welcoming first impression for your home. Make sure views of the front door aren’t obstructed to draw the eye towards the entrance to your home, but use boldly colored or textured plants to line your driveway and pathways and to frame your front door. Put accents along the front fence or just along the front property line to enhance the appearance of depth and emphasize the full width of your lot. However, avoid large accent vegetation away from the edges of the lawn, which can create visual divisions and disruptions, to ensure that your yard maintains a feeling of openness.

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service

It may seem like a smaller lawn is easier to take care of, but the reality is it just comes with its own set of problems. For example, damage from disease, drought, and more are far more likely to kill your entire turf, making it harder for you to recover your lawn than if you had a similarly sized damaged patch in a larger lawn. It is for these reasons why landscaping for small backyards isn’t always a breeze. Fortunately, a professional lawn care service like Lawnscape Systems, Inc. can help you keep your lawn healthy and gorgeous no matter how large it is, so that you and your family can get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. Whether you want to use one of our two lawn care plans to wash your hands of most or all of your lawn care, or just want our lawn care specialist to provide a few of our other additional services, Lawnscape can help. Contact Lawnscape Systems today to make sure that your lawn is taken care of.


Top 5 Spring Gardening Ideas


Spring is the perfect opportunity to put some time into your garden. Being surrounded by the season’s new life is inspiring, it feels great to spend some time outside in the comfortable temperatures, and the weather conditions are perfect for both cultivating new plants and just helping existing plants to reach their full potential. Just like you, Lawnscape Systems loves the change of seasons, so we’ve put together a few of the best Spring gardening ideas to help you take advantage of the season and improve your lawn and garden.

1. Introduce New Colors and Textures

If you feel like your landscaping has grown a bit monotonous, Spring provides an excellent opportunity to shake up your flora. For hardy, low maintenance color, try wildflowers like trillium, trout lily, and wild columbine. Remember that you can also bring in reds and blues with grasses and bushes. Mix bold and delicate leaves to create interest. Vines can make a statement on their own or provide a backdrop for other plants. When planted in mass the right grasses, like meadowy sedge or plains-native bluegrass, can create the feeling of water as they ripple in a breeze, providing a unique feel to even dry gardens.

2. Try a Container Garden

Adding new vegetation doesn’t require uprooting your lawn or existing garden. Containers provide an excellent option that allows you to add plants without having to necessarily commit to a single location or damage your landscaping. And designing your own container garden is easier than it looks! Seed mixes specifically for planting in containers can be bought at virtually any garden store for a no effort solution. Mix pansies of a variety of colors to add color but maintain a consistent shape. For a tasty and interestingly textured container garden, try planting a variety of salad greens. For newcomers, the key to designing an attractive container garden is to try to contrast texture or color, but not both.

3. Place Plants Strategically

Whether placing in the ground or in a container, be sure to place your plants for the best possible effect. You can place your plants along your driveway and near your front door to greet guests, or along your front fence to make your home stand out from others on the street. Use plants to frame archways, water features, and other focal points in your landscaping for dramatic effect. Use tall plants, stacked and hanging planters, and climbing plants to provide privacy or hide unsightly outdoor structures.

4. Add Height to Your Landscaping

Think above ground level. For the best effect, you don’t want all of your interesting plants to be low to the ground. Blooming shrubs, like Chinese snowball, can add a bit of height to your landscaping, while flowering trees, like flowering cherry trees or purple-leaf plum trees, can take your landscaping to even greater heights. Bushes and shrubs are low maintenance, but can take some work to install. If you want something a little easier to put in, try elevated planters and hanging baskets instead.

5. Take Advantage of the Season with Lawn Maintenance

Even if you don’t want to make any major changes to your landscaping, spring is the perfect time to take a few steps to keep your lawn beautiful all year long. First take care of any lawn cleanup, including weeding, and tend to existing flowers, shrubs, and trees as needed. Perform a soil test and apply fertilizer and lime as needed. Till or aerate your soil and fluff up and apply knew mulch to improve drainage and soil nutrition. Rake to remove excess thatch.

For even less work and the best Spring gardening ideas, simply hire a professional lawn care service to take care of maintenance for you, letting you take advantage of the spring weather without having to put in the work yourself. Lawnscape Systems, Inc. offers two comprehensive lawn care programs and a wide variety of additional lawn care services, so whether you want a little assistance in keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful just this once or want to eliminate lawn care chores from your life entirely, Lawnscape has an option for you. Lawnscape has been a leader in lawn care since our creation in 1979, so you know you can trust our experienced lawn care professionals (just ask our happy customers) and we only use EPA certified products, so you don’t have to worry about what’s being applied to your property.

Spring is the ideal time to turn your lawn into the oasis you deserve, so don’t wait. Contact Lawnscape Systems today for the top Spring gardening ideas.


Choosing the Perfect Lawn Ornaments for Your LA Home


Lawn ornaments come in all kinds of styles and at different price points. From the traditional pink flamingo to unique and elaborate sculptures, ornamentation for every style and budget is out there. This article will help you find the perfect lawn ornament for your yard.

Choosing Your Lawn Ornament

When choosing the perfect lawn ornament for your garden, it is important to consider how the ornaments will draw attention to, and enhance, your lawn.

It is important not to remember to use too many lawn ornaments. Too many ornaments can overwhelm viewers, and can detract from your lawn; making it look messy and cluttered, rather than stylishly landscaped.

When choosing the ideal ornaments for your lawn, think about the style and design of your property. It doesn’t make sense to place kitschy lawn ornaments in your lawn when your style is classic or old-fashioned. Similarly, if you’re going for a fun and funky look, stone statues are probably not what you’re looking for.

Types of Lawn Ornaments

Almost anything can be a lawn ornament – from traditional garden gnomes and plastic pink flamingos; to statues, birdbaths, or homemade knicknacks. What you choose to place on your lawn largely depends on the look you want to create and the space you have.

If you’re looking to create an old-fashioned or classic look, consider stone birdbaths or fountains, especially if you have a large yard you want to draw attention to.

If you’ve got a limited budget, or you want something unique that nobody else has, consider making your own lawn and garden ornaments. Instead of buying Tiki torches to set up along your yard or patio, consider making your own, out of old wine bottles. 

Want a fountain or water feature in your yard, but don’t like any of the commercially available stone or concrete fountains? Make your own out of some steel pipes and an old teapot.  Or, create a lighthouse for your lawn out of oversized clay pots and a candle lantern.


Once you’ve decided on your perfect lawn ornaments, the next thing you need to do is decide where to put them.  Do you want your lawn ornaments to draw attention to your home from the street? Or do you want your ornament to be something that only guests and family members can see?

It is also important to consider the size of your lawn and the size of the lawn ornament. Large statues or birdbaths may look out of place and overwhelm a small yard, while small ornaments might not even be seen in a large yard.

The Perfect Lawn is More than Just Ornaments

While choosing the right ornaments for your yard is important, routine maintenance is just as important when it comes to making your lawn stand out and, more important, staying healthy. Lawnscape offers aeration, weed control, and a wide range of other lawncare services. Contact the experts at Lawnscape today to find out more.