6 Reasons You Should Be Removing Weeds as Soon as You Seem Them



At minimum, lawns and gardens should be weeded at least once a week, but for the best results weeding should be done far more often. Ideally, you should be removing weeds as soon as they’re spotted, but this isn’t always practical. Many homeowners choose to inspect their lawns and gardens every other day, dealing with weeds as they go, allowing for the prompt removal of weeds, and allowing them to see weeds they may miss as they go about their regular activities. This may seem excessive, but there are many reasons to be removing weeds as quickly as possible. Here are just a few.

1. Keep Your Landscaping Beautiful

The first reason is simple. Homeowners put a lot of work into keeping their landscaping healthy and beautiful, so why should weeds be allowed to ruin the aesthetic effects of all that work any longer than absolutely necessary? The sooner you jump on removing weeds, the sooner your landscaping goes back to the look that you’ve worked so hard to create.

2. Prevent Competition

While your lawn can be home to all kinds of fun competitions, like a pickup game of football or soccer, you don’t want it to be hosting a competition between weeds and the plants you want flourishing every day. Your lawn has a limited amount of the resources that plants need to stay alive, and weeds will take up portions of these limited supplies that you’d rather be used by the plants you’ve chosen. Weeds can rob your preferred plants of water supplies, vital nutrients, and soil space.

3. Minimize Your Effort

This is often the reason that appeals to people the most. Weeding can be a huge pain, both literally and figuratively. However, doing a little bit of weeding in your lawn and garden regularly is far easier and more painless than doing a long session of weeding one day during the weekend, especially when you’d rather be spending those long hours doing something far more pleasant and enjoyable. Doing a little bit of weeding more often is particularly helpful for people prone to back problems or those with limited mobility.

4. Catch Weeds While They’re Weakest

Speaking of easier, young weeds are easier to pull or otherwise eliminate than mature weeds. Therefore, the earlier you can deal with a weed, the less chance it has to mature and the more easily and effectively it will be for you to eliminate it.

5. Prevent the Spread of Weeds

Dealing with weeds before they reach maturity also ensures that you don’t have to deal with those weeds’ offspring in addition to the original weeds. If a young weed is allowed to mature, it will begin to produce seeds, which then spread and grow more weeds. A dandelion changing from a yellow flower to the white tufty ball of seeds that children love to blow on so much is a well-known example of this process. If you discover that you have a mature weed, but aren’t able to immediately remove it, you can clip it down, ensuring that all flowers are removed, in order to stop seeds from spreading.

6. Minimize Pests

Weeds can cause other unwanted guests to infiltrate your yard as well. Weeds can provide food and hiding places for a wide variety of pests, such as insects, mice, rats, moles, and more. These pests can, in turn, munch on the plants you do want to keep, tunnel in your soil, and otherwise cause havoc for your lawn and garden. If you’re particularly unlucky, they may even make their way indoors, where they can make messes, destroy property, and spread disease.

Weed Removal Strategies

Regardless of when or why you want to get rid of weeds, you have plenty of options and methods to get them taken care of. You can check out our weed removal guide for a variety of do-it-yourself strategies and tips for eliminating weeds. However, if you have a particularly stubborn weed problem or simply want to wash your hands of the whole weed removal process, a professional lawn care service may be the best option for you.

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Which Grass Varieties Grow Best in LA?



The type of grass that you choose makes all the difference in the health and appearance of your lawn. Certain types of turfs simply grow better in certain areas. If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, you know what features a type of grass needs to survive in our climate: it needs to be drought resistant and at home in our high temperatures. Here are a few grasses that meet these conditions that you may want to consider for your lawn.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass (buchloe dactyloides) is a soft, green gas native to the Great Plains from as far north as Montana and as far south as Mexico. Buffalo grass is known for its hearty nature and is resistant to drought and extreme temperatures. It also spreads its seed quite well on its own, making reseeding infrequent or even unnecessary. Buffalo grass is, however, susceptible to damage from excessive traffic over it, but stands up very well to the lawn traffic of most homes. Buffalo grass is not a great choice for shady areas. This grass requires very little maintenance and minimal product application to thrive. Buffalo grass does not reach very tall heights, so it can even be left un-mowed for the homeowner who prefers the least possible maintenance.

Sand Dune Sedge

You may have seen sand dune sedge (carex pansa) at the beach, but this grass can also thrive at your home. These grass varieties are very shade and drought tolerant, and thrives in a variety of soil types. However, sand dune sedge has a tendency to grow in clumps, so it may not provide your lawn with that smooth, even appearance favored by many homeowners. It is, however, an excellent decorative grass for a variety of landscaping needs, and it’s hearty, low maintenance nature may prompt some homeowners to choose sand dune sedge regardless of its slightly unusual growth patterns. Sand dune sedge is a flowering grass. Some homeowners prefer to keep it shorter for this reason, while others enjoy the appearance of longer, flowery grass.

Native California Bentgrass

Native bentgrass (agrostis pallens) is probably the most popular of the turf grass varieties native to California. Native California bentgrass has a pleasing bright green color and can be left long to provide a natural, casual appearance, but can also easily withstand being kept at short heights. This grass can withstand both sunny and partially shaded environments and is usually unaffected by drought. Native bentgrass tends to have a very uniform growth pattern, making it optimal for achieving the look of a traditional lawn, and recovers quickly and easily from damage.


While not technically a grass, yarrow (achillea millefolium) can be used as an alternative to a traditional turf grass. This perennial flowering plant can grow several feet tall (though low growing species are available), so it needs to be mowed regularly, but it maintains the appearance of a turf grass when it’s kept short. Yarrow is drought resistant, and, in fact, grows far better in moderate to dry soil. Yarrow also thrives in all types of soil, from sandy to loamy. Yarrow is low maintenance and requires very little treatment or chemical application. Yarrow also very rarely contracts disease.


Bermudagrass (cynodon dactylon) is one of the hardiest and most traffic resistant turf grasses available, and for this reason it’s a favorite for parks, golf courses, multipurpose fields, and sports complexes. Bermudagrass is drought resistant, thrives in heat, and grows in almost all soil types, but does not have excellent shade tolerance. Bermudagrass doesn’t require much maintenance just to survive, but with careful management it has the capacity to produce one of the most beautiful lawns you’ve ever seen. Bermudagrass is available in the common form, but also in a variety of hybrids that can make this already robust grass even more optimal for the growing conditions in your yard.

Lawnscape Systems, Inc.

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