Decorating Outdoor Trees for Christmas


Nothing speaks louder to the holiday season than having a fully decorated tree for Christmas. Families can experience that special feeling of taking home the perfect pine and adding their favorite ornaments to keep things festive all month long. Most of the time, these trees are decorated inside. But what about your outdoor trees?

There’s so much that can be done with the beautiful, natural trees that dot your front lawn. Whether you have exotic potted trees, or you’ve planted a few large arbors to admire, you can easily decorate them in a way that stays true to the winter wonderland theme.

Need some ideas? This simple guide can give you the spark of inspiration needed to transform your beautiful lawn trees into a piece of Christmas that will surely have Santa coming down to visit.

Any kind of tree will do. Grab some lights, gather some elegant decorations, and start building your Christmas dream! For more lawn decorating tips and professional lawn care in Los Angeles, contact Lawnscape today.

Wrap Your Trunks with Gorgeous Lights

You don’t need to get too technical, but there is a little bit of planning required before you can start wrapping lights around the grand trunks of your trees. Make sure you have a good grasp on the circumference and spacing of your trunk, so you know just how many lights to put on there.

The choice of light color is up to you – make things as festive as you want! A popular idea is to use colored lights if your home is decorated with white lights, and vice versa. That will add a lot of depth and variety for your neighbors and family members to enjoy!

The process of wrapping your trees is simple, just make sure you understand where your outlets and extension cords are. You can easily hide your cords in bushes and behind flowerbeds to keep things looking natural.

Large Ornaments Are Your Friend

After your trunks (and possibly branches) are wrapped, you may find that the leaves themselves are quite bare. One thing you can do to add to your winter wonderland look is to add large-sized ornaments to your trees.

You can hang large gold or red ball-shaped ornaments at different heights and sizes for an impression of depth. Add twinkling stars or smaller ornaments in between, so that your yard has lots of variety. You can even add natural elements like pinecones or frost-tipped wreaths to keep your trees looking full and happy.

Not Enough Trees? Just Add More!

There’s nothing wrong with keeping in line with the holiday season by adding some mini evergreen trees of your own. You can easily accent your already-gorgeous yard with some potted spruces or cypresses. You can cluster them around the trunks of your planted trees or even put them out on your front porch to give your Christmas guests a friendly greeting.

These trees can be decorated just like you’d decorate your indoor tree – lights, ornaments, little red fruits – you name it! Adding little potted trees adds a pop of color and festivity to complete your winter wonderland look.

Lawn Care in Los Angeles

There’s an unlimited amount of ways to spruce up your yard for the Christmas season. Whether you like to keep it simple with a few strings of white lights, or you want to go all in and add colorful decorations and glorious ornaments, you can definitely make your yard the talk of the town. Our professionals at Lawnscape can help you find the perfect fit for your lawn, while providing the absolute best lawn care in Los Angeles.

For more holiday decoration ideas, or to schedule a landscaping service consultation, feel free to contact us online at any time. You can also give us a ring at (909) 627-2000 to speak with one of our friendly representatives. Have a happy holiday!


Top Safe Garden Plants for Pets


Adding garden plants to your yard can be an enjoyable endeavor, but pet owners should take care to ensure their plants are just as safe as they are beautiful. Don’t worry, though! The good news is that you can still enjoy beautiful garden plants without harming your furry friends. Here are the best safe garden plants for pets that will also add color, beauty, and fun to your yard.

For more services regarding professional lawn care in Los Angeles, contact Lawnscape today to keep the grass greener on your side.

The Best Plants for Pets

There are countless plants which are safe for pets and even more which are not. That considered, these are the best plants where pets can safely cohabit your garden and, in some cases, enjoy a little nibble or pleasant aromas right alongside you.

Windmill palms are a great choice for harsh environments and those seeking low maintenance plants. This hearty palm tree grows well in pots or the ground and can thrive in even more harsh climates and conditions.

Petunias are great for hanging pots, baskets, or plant bedding and come in a variety of colors. Spider plants can grow indoors all year long. They make great additions to indoor garden plants and require very little upkeep. Purple basil brings a beautiful wash of color to any garden. The plant is also edible and quite tasty! The leaves make a lovely hued pesto and dogs can safely enjoy them as well.

Lavender has a wonderful soothing effect for both people and animals. The aroma is calming, and the beautiful lilac color brightens everyone’s day. Drought tolerant annuals, African daisies are available in a plethora of colors. They are especially beautiful pops of color during the summer months and do well in areas with lots of sunlight.

Snapdragons are another beautiful addition to any garden or container plants you may want to add to your home. There are multiple colors to choose from when it comes to Snapdragons and they are perfectly safe for pets!

Rosemary is great for culinary use and non-toxic for pets as well. It’s a particularly great idea to use Creeping Rosemary to cover empty spaces in your yard with lush color and greenery.

Marigold, Pineapple Sage, and Impatiens are also wonderful garden plants to add to your collection. Specifically, Impatiens, are vibrantly colored flowers ideal for bedding or hanging pots or baskets. Other pet friendly plants include sunflowers, roses, jasmine, bamboo, and countless others.

Plants to Be Wary Of:

Lily has been shown to be toxic to cats and some varieties are best avoided, but a few varieties may be safe for dogs.

● Typical begonias are toxic to both dogs and cats. Some varieties, however, are NOT toxic and these include the Peace Begonia, Metallic Leaf Begonia, Mapleleaf Begonia, and various others. Take care when using them in your garden to ensure you pick a non-toxic variety.

● Popular in the springtime, Easter season hyacinths are poisonous to both dogs and cats. Summer, Wild and Grape Hyacinths, however, are NOT toxic and would be okay to utilize.

Plants to Avoid Entirely:

● Chrysanthemum

● Azalea

● Morning Glory

● Rhododendron

● Wisteria

● Tulip

● Daffodil

● Sweet Pea

● Hydrangea

● Aloe Vera

● Calla Lillies

● Foxglove

● Larkspur

● Yew

Now that you are armed with lots of pet-safe garden plant options, it’s time to get started on bringing your garden or lawn vision to life! To design and care for the perfect, pet-friendly backyard oasis, contact Lawnscape for assistance today!

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