Additional Services

Additional Services

Specialized Services and Treatments

Any of our scheduled, year-round lawn care programs will greatly improve and enhance your lawn’s health and appearance. Depending on which of our programs you choose, you may need to consider including one of our specialized individual services if an associated problem occurs in your landscape at some point.

Disease and Insect Treatments

We can treat your lawn to control damaging insects and fungus diseases. If we find evidence of insect or disease damage, one or two treatments can usually prevent further damage from occurring.

Weed Abatement

Not only is excessive vegetation unattractive, but it can serve as a home for rodents and other pests. Using a combination of herbicides and soil sterilants, we provide large-scale control of weeds and grasses growing where they’re not wanted, such as along fence lines, right-of-ways, parking areas and anywhere bare ground is desired. In addition to improving your property’s curb appeal, this will help to reduce fire hazards from overgrown plant material.

Core Aeration

Most everyone understands the need for regular feeding, weed control, and proper mowing and watering in maintaining a thick, green, beautiful lawn. But did you know that aeration is just as important as any of these? The benefits of aeration aren’t just here today and gone tomorrow. They continue for months after being performed and work together with all the other services your lawn receives throughout the year.
Core aerating on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for your turf. This service removes thousands of plugs (or cores) of soil and thatch from your lawn. As the ¾-inch x 3-inch cores are removed, nutrients, water and, most importantly, oxygen are able to enter the openings where the lawn’s root system can immediately access them. This encourages a thicker, fuller root system for stronger growth. The important final result is that your lawn becomes thicker, greener, has less thatch and holds up to hot, dry weather better than before.
Aeration is almost mandatory in regions with highly compacted soils such as clay. It should be done annually to help your lawn reach its full potential.

Groundcover Services

Fertilization of flower beds and non-turf groundcover areas can be added at a discounted rate to any of our programs. We can also customize groundcover-only programs to meet your landscape’s unique needs.
These programs can include some or all of the following:

        • Fertilization
        • Pre-Emergent Weed Controls
        • Invading Grass Control
        • Snail Controls
From perennials and shrubs to sprawling vines, groundcovers make a lovely addition to any landscape. Trust Lawnscape Systems to keep them looking healthy and beautiful all year-round.

Wetting Agent Treatments

Normally applied during the warmer summer months, this two-application service enhances water penetration into the soil, helping to eliminate dry spots and increase water utilization.

Invading Grass Control

In cool-season lawns, this program addition will control and often eliminate invading grasses such as Bermuda, kikuya and nutsedge.

Detailed Lawn Analysis

We will send one of our lawn technicians out to evaluate your turf, making note of any lawn-damaging insects or diseases, invading grasses, watering levels, mowing, and the overall health and appearance of your lawn. We understand your busy schedule, so it is not necessary that anyone be home. Our technicians will leave the results of your lawn analysis as well as information on the Lawnscape program that is right for your specific lawn needs.

Perimeter Pest Control

In making your home comfortable for your family, you also make it attractive to insects searching for a pleasant environment. Some insects enter through open doors and holes in window screens, but even greater numbers may enter through untreated openings that you don’t even think about.
Successful perimeter pest control depends on the application of barrier treatments to all possible points of entry. Lawnscape Systems’ perimeter pest control service includes 12 monthly applications of insect controls to your home’s exterior perimeter, helping to keep invading insects outside where they belong.

Commercial Jobs

We can quote you for service on your commercial jobs. From the initial treatment to prepare your turf for new landscaping to maintaining a green and weed free lawn we can help get the job done. Our experienced technicians are trained and licensed to fertilize and apply insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to treat for stubborn weeds on commercial lawns. Over the years we have treated and helped maintain beautiful green lawns for HOA properties, cemeteries, business parks, and churches. We know we can help make your commercial property beautiful too.